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Officially Mongol Nation's Psychiatric.

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1Officially Mongol Nation's Psychiatric. Empty Officially Mongol Nation's Psychiatric. on 22nd March 2012, 12:45


Officially Mongol Nation's Psychiatric. Mongologo

Q: We're just so freaking bored, standing like Liberty statues outside Mongol Nation bar, what should I do, man?
You can actually bring some chats, threads, etcetera. Offering a barbeque, even head to the gym or need a hand with your motorcycle because there's oil leaking. There's plenty ways to give fun to someone without making the entire scenario a whole funeral.
Q: Okay, well, I have no idea at all, what do you have in mind?
Hit the gym, pretty much realistic. You aren't a skinny biker, nor a hipster. You're a heavy built man, looking to get stronger to help your brothers, etcetera. You're a hangaround or a prospect? Not a problem, you aren't a punk, you can hit the gym, your house, invite your dude to hit up the lifts in your house, get something to eat, watch T.V, talk about bikes in your house, play PS3, XBOX 360, PS2, GAMEBOY, watch porno in your computer with your dude, talk about how her boobs are bouncing, etcetera. You have crap load ideas to give to your brother/partner/friend/dog.
Q: Okay. That's nice. We almost done everything else, but there's like five members almost AFKing by judging their inactivity in chat, WHAT SHOULD I DO EZK?
Well. You can do rides too, don't be a shame, try that out. You've the people to show off your jacket, your motorcycle or who you rolling with. This may give out a good impression to full-patched members, as you might be seen as the one who as well role-plays with the group of hangarounds, which is an excellent thing. Being social with both parties is a great thing, because you'll earn the respect from both sides, you never know if your friend will be the next shotcaller in the future, and if it is, and you didn't respect him; you'll get your ass kicked out the M.C. for this. (literally) So, think about it.


Very useful guide, nicely done.

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