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0-600-NEWB - The Phone Number for the Prospect.

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0-600-NEWB - The Phone Number for the Prospect. Mongologo

Egyptians' slaves are like the Mongols M.C. Prospects but without a vest with patches.

PROSPECT: I once came a Prospect, and it turned that I had to be a slave toward the Mongols M.C, what's up with that?
The slavery when you're a Prospect is completely irritable, noticeable and it gives out a bad look toward the rank, which in real life is not like that at all. Your role-play, your attitude and personality turns that you're a little pussy saying yes to everything toward the Mongols M.C. and willing to do anything. You get insulted at, and flamed at in LS:RP's Mongols M.C. In real life, you get respected more than being a Hangaround, you get ordered to do things, from light up a cigarette to cargo something from A to B.

PROSPECT: Isn't just Mongols M.C, a lot citizens and gang members are treating me like I'm a pussy.
I've never been in front of a Prospect nor in front of any M.C. illegal organization, but if anyone ever passes around or annoys one of them, believe me he/she would get scared as hell. They have no idea how a Prospect looks at all, since the reputation of a Prospect, OOCly, is a shit and you feel like a shit IC then for the whole "MAN THE BAR" shit. This "MAN THE BAR" thing will be explained soon.

PROSPECT: Excellent. Why do Mongols M.C. always send me to the bar and insult me like a piece of shit?
Nobody knows how to role-play with a Prospect at all. Full-patched members lacks of ideas so they tell you to man the bar, that's why full-patched members use to insult them the shit out and tell them to do something at the bar, which is completely non-sense because you can't do anything at all in the bar, just clean, order or serve beverages which gives out a bad look on you, and even Hangarounds will laugh at you for it.
Son's of Anarchy, the one and only prospect who was in the serie, used to be such a pussy (literally) and always was used to be the bitch of Clay. Everybody acts up like Clay from Son's of Anarchy, insulting you or saying you can't do shit at all, meanwhile, in real life, you're a big-huge-fridge body which gives no fuck at all about anyone, and if a Hangaround laughs at you, you would beat the shit out of him already by your own look, that's only IF it was in real life.

Just because the Prospect looks fucking retarded doesn't mean he's retarded, skinny, look-a-like a pussy and gay. Prospects aren't like that.

0-600-NEWB - The Phone Number for the Prospect. Asdone1
0-600-NEWB - The Phone Number for the Prospect. Asdone2
0-600-NEWB - The Phone Number for the Prospect. Asdone3
0-600-NEWB - The Phone Number for the Prospect. Asdone4
...they don't really look like pussies...


Lean, mean, Khan killing machine
Prospects are Mongols in training, hence the term PROSPECTIVE MEMBER. The definition of a Prospect is someone who shows potential to be good at whatever they're a Prospect in. In outlaw Motorcycle Clubs a Prospect is someone who has been noticed by the club, someone they think has the potential to become a member. So you'll get inducted as a Prospective member and then your Sponsor SHOULD (although at the moment most are too retarded or too lazy to:) start teaching you the ins and outs of the club, how to carry yourself in public, how to react to certain situations and most importantly the club's constitution AKA rules. < This is your training. But during your time as a Prospective member you WILL be ordered around, given the shit jobs members would rather not do, basically act as their butler and - if needs be - their bodyguard. You shouldn't get insulted or humiliated unless you deserve it. I don't insult or humiliate Prospects unless they fuck up and give me a reason to. Until they do, I treat them with respect. But if a Prospect wants to go around giving full-patches attitude, disrespect and a general lack of interest in serving them, then I'm gonna make their life hell. Don't feel put down if you're told to do something - it's your job to be there and serve the club in whatever way they need you to. Remember that in hardcore 1%er clubs, you're expected to put the club before EVERYTHING, I repeat EVERYTHING else.


Prospecting is the best time when your in an M/C. It gives you a chance to feel out a club, and it gives the club time to fill you out.

The reason, you are a "Slave" is due to the fact, the club needs to see how dedicated you are, they need to see, WHAT are you willing to do, to be in this club.

A Good thing to remember when prospecting:

  • The President is always right
  • Any Patched Member That asks you somthing, do it, without question.
  • Don't Act Stupid, Retardation runs rampant through prospects, like a plague. Dont catch the plague.
  • Be active, be alert, be ready, for a patched member to ask anything.
  • Remember to get involved and listen and learn from your Patch Holder, learn all the traditions of the club, learn all the meanings.

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