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The Doubtful Hangaround.

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1The Doubtful Hangaround. Empty The Doubtful Hangaround. on 22nd March 2012, 12:40


The Doubtful Hangaround. Mongologo

HANGAROUND: How do I start meeting the Mongols M.C. members?
They will always welcome you, start out by introducing yourself in the right situation, in the right time. Don't be a random and tell your name and such, because you will, maybe, get a kick on your butt-cheeks.

HANGAROUND: I've seen everything about Mongols M.C, I met them In-Game but how do I become a full supporter of this motorcycle club?
Well, if you have a bit of respect, and met almost everyone in this motorcycle club, don't be afraid, request a SUPPORT MONGOLS M.C. t-shirt and rock it on, always.

HANGAROUND: Are really the hangarounds IRL, skinny-fags with sad faces and all that? Just like Son's of Anarchy's prospect?
No! Hangarounds are aswell badass, if you're a skinny-fag with a t-shirt saying that you love New York or something, you'll expect your butt kicked out forever. Prospects as well are badass, they aren't slaves from the society, they're pretty built or basically true bikers that are able to serve the full-patched members in Mongols M.C.

HANGAROUND: I'm really bored, ezk... what do I do? How can I impress the Mongols' official users?
You can always create a casefile or a character profile somewhere, showing what you do, your look, your skin, your motorcycle's look.
You can always create scenarios of role-play, like, barbeques, fixing up your motorcycle because its chain it's almost gone, check the oil's pressure of your bike, etcetera.
You can always provide screenshots on the Mongols M.C. thread about your role-playing skills, showing any kind of legit role-play scenarios, like building your motorcycle and such.

HANGAROUND: Do I have to be a douchebag toward a random just to show how badass I am?
Never. As Monster and Lil' Dave, Mongols M.C. members in real life said:
"You gotta' respect us... If you don't, we will fuck you. If you do, we love you, we got your back too." - "It's all about respect."

HANGAROUND: Oh my God, ezk... What should I do, do I have to be American or what?
You can always be American, even European, but Mongols are mainly hispanics, as you can even see in a lot pictures about them, they're the 90% hispanics. They're mainly hispanics, chicanos.

A lot people who's involved in Mongols M.C. do not know what's a Bobber or a Bagger, but in real life, they do know.

Bobber: wrote:A bobber-style motorcycle is a post World War II motorcycle typified by modifications in which non-essential body parts are removed, or "bobbed." Chopped fenders and rigid tails are other bobber traits, as are a general lack of chrome, unlike their chopper counterparts.

The Doubtful Hangaround. Babobber

Bagger: wrote:A bike, usually of the touring variety, that's equipped with saddlebags.

The Doubtful Hangaround. Baggers

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Helpful information, I'll keep everything in mind.

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