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Roleplaying crashes

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1Roleplaying crashes Empty Roleplaying crashes on 22nd March 2012, 12:15


'Bitter Sweet Revenge'
'Bitter Sweet Revenge'
By Deuce

Some people are unsure of when to roleplay their crashes. I'm going to lay it out for you, and be realistic about it.

Crash With Another Car:
    Always roleplay a crash with another car immediately. If you're on your bike, /engine, get off, and /flip. If they simply drive away, you have the choice of roleplaying it. If they stay, you MUST roleplay it. If I find any of you going "/b RP it?" I'll donkey-punch you. ALWAYS roleplay it.

Crashing during a ride due to lag:
    If we were to stop the ride due to every lag accident caused, we wouldn't make it out of Dillimore. These are easily ignored, but are also easily avoidable. Avoid trying to pass other riders, and following too closely/DIRECTLY behind people in front of you is not a good idea.

Provoker Crashing:
    When people are randomly into you provoking us and shit, I prefer for us to just pull over. If you're alone with the provoker and it appears they have no intention of properly roleplaying it, leave the situation. If they continue, /report it.

Crash Alone:
    If you are alone and crash, it's good practice to roleplay it, but I know that in reality most of you won't. Whatevs.

Just remember, bike crashes are nasty.

2Roleplaying crashes Empty Re: Roleplaying crashes on 23rd March 2012, 09:07


Well done. In all period while roleplaying I had only one crash, and I roleplayed it decently. But sadly I finished it in hospital :/

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